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Bust up: 25€


Thigh up / half body: 40€


Full Body: 60€


Chibi:  35€

Import and Info:

  • Prices may vary

  • There is a surcharge for complex designs, accessories, weapons or NSFW

  • 5€ - 20€ depends on the complexity

I do:

  • ​Female 

  • Fan art / OC's

  • Nekomimi

  • Light Cupid

  • fansrvice 

  • NSFW

I won't do:

  • loli

  • furry

  • complicated mecha

  • muscular persons

  • gore

  • semi realistic style/ drawing from real photos

How to Or:

  • Contact me via Instagram, or by email to

  • I need your email (to send the final product)

  • Tell me the type of commission 

  • Send me the character references

Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment are upfront throughPayPal

  • Commissioned work is fornon-profit personal use. forcommercial work, please contact me to discuss further 

  • The commission will be done in my style

  • The work will take 1 week - 2 weeks

  • I have the rightto post your commission on my social media

  • These prices and terms of service will probably change from time to time without prior notice

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