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about us

Foreword & thanks:

Konichiwa Weeboos!

We at MiyoBoo would like to introduce ourselves on this page and are very pleased that you have found our page!

A big thank you goes to our illustrator:Kashiia.Chan

You can find out more about her in her gallery or directly via her Instagram account!

It is only thanks to their help that the site looks the way it does.

Our inspiration:

Our passion is and remains anime and Japanese culture, since we would like to share our passion with you, wir  decided to bring some "Japan" to Germany and Europe. Who doesn't love having their favorite anime/game character or card at home, in their display case, and looking at them every day?!

No matter how weird it sounds, it is and always will be a passion that we at MiyoBoo are proud to represent!

Our goal:

We want to inspire as many people as possible who (still) have little to do with Anime & Manga how incredibly beautiful and elegant this hobby can be. With this conviction that we want to bring a part of Japan and a large part of Asia here to Europe. The popularity of Japanese culture has increased significantly in recent years. With this fact, one can almost say that we already live in a world where people understand each other internationally and there is an understanding of a culture of other nations. 

In order to accelerate this, we set ourselves the goal of convincing even more people with our design!

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